has synonyms and antonyms


English hasn’t, hath, hassium, haves, them, abdomen, belly


English hassium, atomic number 108, eka osmium, element 108, hahnium, unniloctium, hs
Polish has, hs


English them, order, speak, state, tell, country, em, hir, thon
Polish one, ich, je
Latin has, ea, eas, eos, haec, hos, illa, illas, illos
Hungarian azokat, őket


English belly, abdomen, stomach, tummy, abdominal cavity, gut, postabdomen, sit up, venter, abdominal
Polish abdomen, brzuch, odwłok
Latin abdomen, abdominis, venter, hypochondria
Hungarian has, alhas


English abdomen, belly, belly out, midriff, paunch, tummy
Latin abdomen, pantex, venter

has antonyms

have nots, have, yard, garden, acquire, appear, be able to, bird, carry, chattel, experience, feature, get, got, hang onto, rich person, bear, conquer, consume, eat, have got, know, must, partake, possess, sleep with, give birth, suffer, induce, take, hold, accept, own, receive, haven’t, i've, make, rook

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