hlava synonyms and antonyms


English head translations, chapter, head
Czech hlávka, jednotlivec, kapitola, kebule, lebka, myšlení, oddíl, osoba, palice, přednosta, rozum, rozvaha, vůdce, člověk, šéf, život, škopek


Slovak hlava, kapitola, odsek


English head, read write head, head up, head word, bedhead, beginning, bug, caput, chief, comptroller, ear, fellatio, fiend, flower, foam, first, acme, blowjob, boss, brain, branch, category, chieftain, class, commander, commencement, composure, crown, director, headland, headline, headmaster, headpiece, intellect, mind, origin, principal, promontory, rise, section, source, subject, summit, superintendent, thought, top, topic, understanding, oral sex, drumhead, heading, point, question, headway, pass, forefront, fountainhead, capitulum, lead, steer, header, headteacher, headword, hood, show way, toilet, top dog
Czech hlava, vedoucí

hlava antonyms

bottom, base, page, foot, neck, toe, body, point, aquila, bottom of inning, bottom quark, dough, eagle, free base, base of operations, ear, animal foot, metrical foot, foot up, human foot, invertebrate foot, neck opening, oryol, page boy, sir frederick handley page, thomas nelson page, tail assembly, tail, tail end, pipe organ, toes, rub, subordinate, absorption point, dead body, foot soldier, low level, after, brush, cervix, chafe, closed, dung, edge, empennage, finger, fray, fret, gap, hem, hindquarters, itch, left, make out, minor, on point, distributor point, decimal point, compass point, point in time, power point, subdue, dependent, lesser, inferior, hyponym, belittle, subsidiary, titres non pris en charge point, underling, yeoman, topographic point, feet, foundation, pedestal, support, footing, human, basset hound

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