hmota synonyms and antonyms


English matter, mass
Czech látka, materiál


English matter, affair, material, stuff, substance, topic, signify, count, problem, purpose, subject, thing


English mass, measure, anvil, gauge, holy communion, liver, lump, aggregative, ma, bulk, multitude, massachusetts, batch, stein
Slovak hmotnosť, omša
Czech hmota, hmotnost, mše, míra

hmota antonyms

space, volume, ocean, energy, potential, nothing, mind, electric potential, bear in mind, blank space, department of energy, free energy, tome, loudness, likely, outer space, bulk, exercise book, intensity, aught, bugger all, cipher, cypher, fuck all, goose egg, jack shit, possible, potency, noumenon, spirit, potentiality, action, blank, brain, pep, everything, foam, gap, get up and go, go, head, heart, idea, infinite, intellect, interval, iron, look, magic point, minor thing, my eye, nada, naff all, naught, nil, nix, consequence, nought, null, section, book, zero, zilch, zip, zippo

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