hnutí synonyms and antonyms


English movement, bowel movement, social movement, action, front, incursion, motion, campaign, drift, apparent motion
Czech hnutí, pohyb

hnutí antonyms

stasis, fixation, still, standstill, stock still, still and all, addiction, fixedness, mania, preoccupation, obsession, arrested development, fixing, stability, staticity, deadlock, grind, halt, idle, impasse, stand, tying, fastening, fix, allay, breezeless, conversely, ease, noneffervescent, nonetheless, on other hand, pacific, peaceable, quiescent, quiet, quieten, relieve, reticent, shh, silent, static, fixed, motionless, soundless, unruffled, distillery, hush, consistently, yet, at same time, calm, tranquilize, undisclosed, zephyrless

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