hod synonyms and antonyms


English goat, pace, road, street, walk, watchman
Slovak chôdza, krok


English gait, pitch, throw, hide
Czech hostina, hození, vrh, hodokvas


English pitch, auction pitch, pitch shot, deal, delivery, hype, pimp, spacing, sales talk, soccer field, lurch, gear, deliver, flip, cant, slope, peddle, rake, set up, slant, tar, tout
Czech hod, smůla, tón, výška tónu
Slovak hod, výška tónu, živica, vrh


English throw, cam stroke, flip, stroke, switch, take dive, stound, toss, bowl, displace, eject, confuse, give, hurl, shed, hold, project, bewilder, thrust
Czech hod, hodit, nage waza, vrhat, vrhnout
Slovak hodiť, vrhnúť


English hide, hide out, poliomyelitis, skin, skulk, carucate, conceal, cover up, disguise, dissemble, fell, obscure, shroud
sh hide, kriti, sakriti
Czech hide, schovat, skrýt, ukrýt
Slovak hide, schovať

hod antonyms

in public, discover, expose, reveal, find, keep, preserve, appear, drink, swallow, show, publically, drop, public, find oneself, drink in, drink to excess, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, eat on, eat, keep open, show up, found, bare, bring out, confiture, descry, detect, come across, identify, learn, disclose, fall upon, display, divulge, exhibit, bewray, nake, debunk, queer, uncover, find out, discovered, establish, invent, let know, make known, observe, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, conserve, save, continue, protect, publish, jamb, revel, communicate, impart, open, unfold, unveil, transpire, unmasking, brambling, catch, professional wrestling

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