hodinky synonyms and antonyms


English liturgy of hours, book of hours, watch

liturgy of hours

English liturgy of hours, breviary

book of hours

English book of hours, primer


English watch, keep watch, watch for, watch out, watch over, attention, catch, follow, keep eye on, look, look at, look on, look out, lookout, observe, see, spy on, take in, ticker, view, vigil, determine, wristwatch
Slovak hodinky, dívať, hľadať, pozerať
Czech hodinky, dívat se, hlídat, sledovat

hodinky antonyms

clock, time, ignore, apprisal, telling, notification, cogent, impressive, telltale, relation, tattle, cut, disregard, misheed, neglect, turn blind eye, unheed, unmind, dismiss, snub, odometer, timepiece, check out, slug, timekeeper, hour, lesson, team, bird, clip, hereby, life, long, punctual, sith, term, tide

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