hodit synonyms and antonyms


English hookup, crack, spree, discard, splurge, toss, wave about
Czech hodit, mrštit


English fling, launch, throw
Czech mrštit, pohodit, zavézt, vrhnout


English launch, launching, lance, plunge, establish, morning, orbit, set in motion, start


English throw, cam stroke, flip, stroke, switch, take dive, stound, toss, bowl, displace, eject, confuse, give, hurl, shed, hold, project, bewilder, thrust
Czech hodit, hod, nage waza, vrhat, vrhnout

hodit antonyms

keep, preserve, drink, swallow, drop, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, eat on, eat, drink in, drink to excess, keep open, confiture, catch, professional wrestling, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, conserve, save, continue, protect, brambling, deglutition, get down, something, abandon, abide, apprehend, arrest, attain, bead, bever, beverage, booze, boozing, bustard, cape, care, chorus, grasp, haul, observation, prize, seizure, snag, snatch, stop, apprehension, capture, fang, take, trip up, overtake, get, hitch, watch, contract, crapulence, curtain, decrease, detain, detect, dip, discharge, donjon, drib, driblet, alcohol, gulp

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