hodně synonyms and antonyms


English lot of, great deal, lots of, many, lot, often, practically, toad
Czech hodně, mnohem, mnoho

hodně antonyms

bit, little bit, little, some, few, less, relaxation, very little, too few, bit by bit, little by little, mite, tad, relaxation behavior, relaxation method, drill bit, some amount, some extent, none, loosening, enough, scarce, consume, loess, too, international labour organization, sucking louse, midafternoon, ninth, no, no amount, nones, nought, nun, recreation, liberalization, rest, easiness, hardly, scarcely, slackening, release, very, also, and change, any amount, approximately, awfully, binary digit, coin, morsel, portion, snaffle, b, act, snatch, piece, spot, moment, trifle, bite, chip, chunk, couple, couple of, duck, adequate, enow, sufficient, essence, flake, fleck, handful, he, horribly, in fact, it

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