holka synonyms and antonyms


English girl, girlfriend, old lady, gf, chickfriend, female, friend, ladyfriend, significant other, lady friend
Czech holka, přítelkyně


English girlfriend, girl
Czech borka, dívka, děvka, děvče, milenka, nevěsta, nevěstka, prostitutka, přítelkyně, žena, žába


English girlfriend, girl, bird, fille, gal, daughter, lassie, female child, lass, maiden, miss, missy, young lady, young woman
Czech holka, dívka, děvče

holka antonyms

boy, guy, he, men, man, guy rope, guy cable, guy wire, isle of man, boyfriend, helium, main, tribe, a'man, maine, baobab, bird, bloke, bozo, bull, but, cat, chap, command, cove, dude, fella, fellow, geezer, bruce, feller, guyline, homey, people, jeer, make fun, ridicule, hombre, however, man translations, hand, metropolitan area network, he or she, me, work force, mesoamerican nephropathy, mine, my, pendant, person, sod, yeast, st vitus, bellboy, bhoy, brat, lad, manservant, son, male child, john, page, rich, size, smell, stature, youth, dancer

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