i love you synonyms and antonyms

i'm in love with you

French je suis amoureux de toi, je suis amoureux de vous

i love you

English you are sun and moon to me, you are my everything, man
French je t’ aime, je t aime, je vous aime


English man, isle of man, a'man, hand, metropolitan area network, maniac, one, you, adult male, anyone, batman, broha, dude, fella, guy, humankind, husband, mad gunman, chess piece, mankind, person, human, male, human race, humanity, homo, world, serviceman, valet, mane, manitoba, mulberry, my, operative, piece, mann, avers, but
French i love you, man, île de man, heer, mens, partner, vent, kan, mane, on, mec, homme, crinière, gv, humain, main, ver blanc, mari, mousse, mâle, mężczyzna, pie, pion, pièce, pouvoir, rester, époux

i love you antonyms

i hate you, female person, female, husband, adult, baby, farmer, lady, animal, people, person, boy, girl, dress, full dress, dress out, dress up, fannie merritt farmer, james leonard farmer, horus, beggar, her, animal translations, baby's, big baby, big, blue, grown up, pornographic, fully grown, mendicant, palliard, ruin, full grown, grownup, married man, pauperise, pauperize, re, vagrant, yesterday, military, suit, beastly, god awful, noblewoman

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