identical synonyms and antonyms


English self same, selfsame, superposable, monovular, indistinguishable, equal, same


English identical, same, very


English identical, undistinguishable


English identical, able, be, equivalent, even, adequate, peer, entail, equalise, equalize, equate, like, match, rival, touch


English selfsame, identical, same, sami, seed, equally, lapp, like, pit, saami, iawtp, this, lapplander, same difference, same to you, swarm

identical antonyms

distinguishable, distinct, different, other, inequality, unfair, unique, contrasting, differently, unequal, contrastive, inconsistency, inequation, lenns, inadequate, unlike, apparent, discernible, discrete, prominent, separate, several, decided, trenchant, distinguished, manifest, devenustate, unjust, aberrant, apart, disparate, dissimilar, sundry, unalike, unusual, various, diverse, heterogeneous, one off, only, peerless, privy, singular, sole, unequalled, unparalleled, else, additional, alternate, foreign, former, second

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