if synonyms and antonyms

provided that

French if, si, à condition que

providing that

French if, à condition que


English provided that, providing that, yew tree, ive, whether, otherwise, yew, taxus, gin, despite, if
French if commun, ouze, si
sco gin, if
Malay andai, apabila, jika, jikalau, kalau, kira, sekiranya


English yew tree, yew
French if, if commun


English yew, taxus, genus taxus
French if, taxus


French if, bugle, ivette


English if, whether or not
French que, si, si oui ou non, soit


English if, otherwise called, also known as, differently, else, apart from, elsewise
French autrement, différemment, sinon, sous peine de
Malay cuma, hanya


English if, gin, cotton gin, gin rummy, abo, gen, trap, lubra, snare, begin, knock rummy
French gin, gin rami, gène, péquet, égrener
Malay gin, arak


English if, notwithstanding, contempt
French contre, en dépit de, en dépit que, malgré
Malay meskipun, walaupun


English love, giving rose, erotic love, sexual love, roll in hay, baby, enjoy, have high regard for, heart, like, darling, sweetheart, mate, beloved, lover, money, passion, she wolf, ten, think highly of, think well of, zero
French amour, zéro, a, aimer, amoureux, apprécier, arsenio sebastiao cabungula, bien, estimer, faire l amour, fric, jouir, mange, passion, proche, promettre
vo lelöf, löf
Malay cinta, suka, amat suka, asmara, bercinta, bercintakan, bertanam kasih, cintai, gemar, ingin betul, ingin sekali, jatuh cinta, kasih, kasih sayang, kegemaran, keghairahan, kesukaan, kosong, mencinta, mencintai, mengasihi, mengasihkan, mengecap, menggemari, menikmati, menyayangi, menyukai, merasai nikmat, meregup, nikmati, nikmatilah, percintaan, sayang, sayang menyayangi, seronok, seronok menikmati, seronok semasa, sifar, suka gemar

if antonyms

detest, loathe, hate, hatred, else, war, unless, indifference, then, and then, likewise, at least if, despise, alike, also, apathy, as well, besides, disgust, nonchalance, emotionlessness, indifferentness, similarly, abhor, off handedness, uncaringness, acrimony, animosity, antipathy, contemn, disdain, scorn, differently, other, hostility, horror, make war, same to you, state of war, too, wage war

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