ignore synonyms and antonyms


English turn blind eye, misheed, unmind, unheed, disregard, neglect, snub, dismiss, cut


English unheed, unmind, ignore, neglect, dismiss, misregard, disrespectfulness, forget


English disregard, ignore, heedlessness


English disregard, ignore


English disregard, ignore, hemispatial neglect, disuse, drop, leave out, miss, carelessness, negligence, fail, omit, overleap, overlook, pretermit, renounce, slight


English disregard, ignore, brush aside, brush off, discard, discount, fire, lay off, sack, dissolve, drop, get rid of, push aside, retrench, send away, send packing, ship out, throw out, turn away, usher out


English ignore, cut, cold shoulder, cut someone cold, rebuff, give someone cold shoulder, snubby


English snub, ignore, cut of meat, cut off, corchorus, cutaway, morning coat, burn, circumcise, snithe, emasculated, shortened, slashed, thinned, trimmed, mown, baseball swing, deletion, stinger, geld, abridge, dilute, edit, reduce, write out, switch off, swerve, hack, cutting, cutting off, decrease, gash, hovel, juice, knife, lower, prune, rationalise, rationalize, reap, retrench, skip, slash, slice, tailor, track, undercut

ignore antonyms

care, regard, consider, listen, observe, mention, notice, recognize, respect, watch, look, bruise, test, support, taking care, honorable mention, listen in, listen to, financial support, give care, keep watch, read, read out, watch for, watch out, watch over, consideration, common starling, stare, starling, acknowledge, agnise, agnize, ecchymosis, hurt, considerateness, circumstance, retainer, contuse, contusion, discern, distinguish, look here, look like, make out, mental test, psychometric test, reply

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