increase synonyms and antonyms

go up

English increase, burn up, foul up, get up, arise, climb, advance, rise, burn down, approach, ascend


English go up, step up, accrease, proliferate, eke, elevate, enlargement, increment, addition, development, expand, extend, gather, growth, gain, wax, inflation

step up

English increase, rev up, escalate, come to fore


English enlargement, increase, addition, rise


English increment, inflation, addition, increase, growth, blowup, aggrandizement, expansion, homothety, magnification


English increase, accumulate, mushroom


English enlargement, increase, inflation, bloatedness, conceit, conceitedness, distension, overissue, self complacency, self conceit, self importance, self sufficiency, sufflation, vaingloriousness, vainglory, ostentation, rising prices


English enlargement, increment, increase, gain, addition, addition reaction, add on, addendum, accession, accumulating, accumulation, add, adjunct, appendage, extra, mushrooming, summation, affix, annex, appendix, improver, supplement, tab, check


English increase, also, embark, plough, ride


English increase, rear, advance, dignify, cheer up, ennoble, lift, promote, raise, lift someone's spirits, lord


English extend, increase, broaden, develop, elaborate, enlarge, spread, boom, inflate, spread eagle, spread out


English expand, increase, enlarge, lengthen, stretch, widen, exsert, carry, prolong, strain, unfold, offer, gallop, cover, run, lay out, poke out, project, prorogue, reach out, spread eagle, spread out


English enlargement, development, increase, accretion, cancer, growing, outgrowth, vegetation, emergence, lump, maturation, ontogenesis, ontogeny


English growth, increase, developing, disclosure, disentanglement, explication, unfolding, unravelling, exploitation, developmentation, evolution


English addition, gather, increase, gain, gain ground, accept, acquire, advance, bring in, clear, earn, amplification, profit, reach, derive, get ahead, hill, lucre, make, make headway


English increase, gain, accumulate, acquire, collect, conclude, crop, garner, come, together, assemble, meet, gathering, harvest, lump, pucker, pull together, togetherize, tuck


English increase, wax, sealing wax, buff, burnish, climb, full, furbish, mount, polish, rise, shine, speak, waxen, beeswax, cerumen, earwax, shoe polish, vinyl, disc, bump off, become

increase antonyms

kip down, go to bed, bed, go to sleep, step down, decrease, come up, come, descend, go down, line up, crawl in, hit sack, hit hay, retire, sack out, turn in, get up, get to one's feet, stand up, dress up, work up, decrement, deduction, subtraction, compact, compress, drop, think up, come up with, de escalate, leave office, add up, come alive, wake up, come clean, fess up, own up, come to end, end up, come to one's senses, smarten up, rise, arise, go on, muster, scrape, surface, emerge, exclusion, show up, come on, come to fore, turn up, go back to bed, division, crop, get on up, get down, get someone's back up, get someone's dander up, get someone's irish up, alley oop, clear up, get through, finish up, follow up, get back to, get hold, get one's skates on, hurry up, cram, organize, raise, set, crash, decline, sink, burn down, have one's back up, get move on, mop up, shut up, get out, snap it up, get cracking, turn out, uprise, wrap up, compact disk, air division, compact car, hunting crop, powder compact, demolish, condense, demote, break, bump, close, close by, close fitting, close off, close out, close down, close up, concentrate, conclusion, minify, digest, contract, extract, reduction, discount, tax write off, deductive reasoning, distil, distill, downgrade, drawback, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, entailment, exception, ejection, excommunication, implication, kick downstairs, naval division, relegate, abate, agreement, browse, come down, concentrated, compendious, heavyset, covenant, pack, abridge

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