initiate synonyms and antonyms


English learned person, lead up, induct, broach, enlightened, novice, originate, pundit, savant, introduce, install, pioneer, begin


English initiate, introduce, induce, invest, seat


English initiate, introduce, break into, breastpin, brooch, cut into


English induct, broach, initiate, acquaint, bring out, innovate, insinuate, commence, conduct, insert, present, usher in, inaugurate, precede, bring in, reenact


English initiate, educated, judicious, sagacious


English initiate, beginner, infant, n00b, newbie, amateur, novitiate, rookie, tiro, tyro


English initiate, begin, arise, be born, develop, grow, invent, rise, spring up, start, uprise


English initiate, pandit


English initiate, savant, knowledgeable, learned, erudite, expert, genius, scientist, educated, proficient, skilled, versed, scholar


English initiate, establish, instal, settle, put in, set up


English initiate, groundbreaker, innovator, open up, pathbreaker, break new ground, push envelope, trailblazer


English initiate, originate, begin, menachem begin, arise, commence, start, get down, beginning, get, get on with, gin, inception, lead off

initiate antonyms

conclude, terminate, close, end, conclusion, finish, stop, goodbye, experience, say goodbye, take one's leave, allot, destinate, destine, uninstall, deinstall, finish up, finish off, drunkard, abate, close by, close fitting, close off, close out, close down, close up, come to end, discontinue, distance, do, stop consonant, stop over, stop sign, stop up, reply, answer, au revoir, cheerio, closing, arrange, complete, decide, deduce, determine, gather, judge, reason, decision, deduction, termination, ending, stopping point, drunk, barfly, boozehound, end up, get back to, godspeed, adieu, adios, buh bye, bye, catch you later, farewell, inebriate, leaving do, liquidate, respond, resolve, response, rummy, sayonara, sot, fire, toodeloo, wino, alloy, say

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