intimate synonyms and antonyms


English bosom buddy, adumbrate, inmost, homey, insinuate, versed, confidant, allude, informal, suggest, familiar, internal, private, close, sexual

bosom buddy

English intimate, bosom friend, cater cousin


English intimate, sketch, equivocate


English intimate, innermost, personal


English intimate, bloke, chap, cove, dude, fella, geezer, guy, cosy, cozy, friendly, homely, homy, homelike, bruce, feller, homeboy


English intimate, suggest, hint, imply, infuse, instil, introduce


English insinuate, allude, intimate, connote, demonstrate, display, evoke, hint, indicate, manifest, move, paint picture, point out, propose, advise, denote, recommend


English intimate, knowledgeable


English suggest, intimate, advert, hint, imply, indicate, refer, signify, touch


English inmost, intimate, familiar, close by, close fitting, close off, close out, close down, close up, airless, approximate, near, nearby, high, muggy, closemouthed, confining, faithful, penny pinching, end, cul de sac, finale, conclusion, stopping point, closely, narrow, shut, conclude, come together, decide, fill up, fold, nigh, obstruct, shut down, strict, sultry, termination, tight


English intimate, informal, featherbrained, casual, cozy, colloquial, unofficial, loose, unformal, unreliable


English intimate, sexual, allosexual, carnal, sex, sexology


English intimate, close, familiar, familiar spirit, familial, kin, au fait, chummy, colloquial, common, acquainted, cheeky, conversant, nigget, companion, family member, domestic


English intimate, internal, inner, inly, interior, intern, intragroup


English intimate, private, buck private, common soldier, personal, secluded, individual, bit, secret

intimate antonyms

aloof, distant, cold, unfamiliar, strange, unknown, external, far, standard, formal, new, asexual, exterior, captain, pen, far and away, open, out and away, far away, spirit away, unacquainted, unacquainted with, army, at time, inept, innocent, police captain, scratch, unknown quantity, unknown region, unused, common cold, monetary standard, pococurante, remote, upstage, lofty, outer, far off, removed, unaffectionate, foreign, outdoor, outside, sedate, abroad, abstract, ace, epicene, bodywork, bookish, capt, pilot, skipper, supervisor, master, chieftain, different, eloquent, extraneous, international, face, far flung, courtly, conventional, dinner dress, ball, headwaiter, high, noble, majestic, noble minded, towering, maitre d, maitre d hotel, brand new, nonsexual, open up, otitis externa, out of, outfielder, outward, standoffish, terra incognita, anonymous, obscure, unascertained, uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored, unidentified, unnamed, unrecognized, unrevealed, unsung, stranger, businesslike, staid

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