jäädä jäljelle synonyms and antonyms


English be kept in, await, belave, endure, linger, rest, stay, persist, stay on, stay over, straggle
Finnish jäädä jäljelle, olla jäljellä

jäädä jäljelle antonyms

go away, go, leave, scream, fly, change, buzz off, fuck off and die, get carried away, go overboard, get fucked, get screwed, disappear, vanish, go home, pass away, go way of all flesh, change oneself, tent fly, fly ball, fly front, fly sheet, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, gone, gon, at peace, departed, done for, intoxicated, played out, call out, go out, go game, holler, went, airplane, scurry, belly laugh, screech, shout, yell, screaming, screeching, shriek, shrieking, childhood, abandon, absquatulate, allow, allow for, aviate, bequeath, depart, dissociate, escape

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