jäädä vaille synonyms and antonyms


English miss, bom, escape, lack, leave out, lose, misfire, mississippi, girl, neglect, mistake, want
Finnish miss a, neiti, ampua ohi, missata, epäonnistuminen, jäädä vaille, kaivata, mennä ohi, myöhästyä, olla kadoksissa, olla pääsemättä, olla vailla, olla ymmärtämättä, puuttua, välttää

jäädä vaille antonyms

hit, reach, sir, master, title, have, master's degree, reach out, statute title, title of respect, unmarried, master copy, master recording, celibate, have got, catch, professional wrestling, county, arrive, arrive at, attain, captive, cheese, claim, contact, extend to, form of address, gain, garlic, get hold of, get through, get to, john, look for, make, nonmarried, single, unhitched, unwed, unwedded, acquire, apprehend, arrest, bang, belief, captain, chorus, grasp, haul, observation, prize, seizure, snag, snatch, stop, apprehension, capture, fang, take, trip up, overtake, get, hitch, watch, collide with, come to, contract, control, crackerjack, detect, faith, fasten, fiend, gas, get hang, gimmick, grab, guru, head, collision, score, shoot, strike, stumble, murder, hither, hitting, impinge on, instructor, it, maestro, place, premiership, progress to, scope, compass, range, strive, pass, achieve, reaching, rubric, stretch, crown, heading, deed, championship, entitle, style, touch

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