jäähtyä synonyms and antonyms

cool down

English cool, calm down


English cool down, cool off, cool, cool jazz, chill, classy, calm, cold, coolheaded, hunky dory, aplomb, even tempered, gnarly, hip, judicious, kewl, la mode, phat, snazzy
Finnish cool, viileä, jäähdyttää, jäähtyä, kuuli, kylmentää, kylmetä, kylmä, laantua, rauhoittua, siisti, viilentää, viiletä, viileys, vilpoisuus

cool off

English cool, calm
Finnish jäähtyä, viilentyä

jäähtyä antonyms

hot tempered, quick tempered, hot headed, short tempered, burn, heat, warmth, hot, lame, strict, warm, choleric, hotheaded, irascible, hotblooded, itchy trigger finger, disappointing, geeky, stressed, hypertensive, old fashioned, agitated, disquieted, antsy, apprehensive, burn off, burn down, burn mark, frumpy, heat up, heat energy, red hot, hot up, stuck, technoid, underwhelming, warm up, uptight, dissatisfactory, awkward, amiableness, clumsy, cumbersome, maladroit, bunglesome, embarrassing, ill at ease, backwards, blade, close fitting, cripple, draconian, exact, exacting, flat, gimp, hard and fast, harsh, heavy handed, boring, crippled, hobbling, weak, feeble, square, out of date, outmoded, démodé, restless, rigid, severe, stern, accurate, austere, blue, careful, close, confined, inflexible, limited, particular, precise, puritanical, restricted, scrupulous, strained, straitlaced, tense, tight, uncompromising, unyielding, nonindulgent, rigorous, stringent, tough, unskilful, warmness, affectionateness, warmheartedness, worried, out of fashion, out of style, frumpish, anxious, rough, troubled, turbulent, uneasy, unquiet, unsettled, disruptive, queasy, foil, sheet, slide, lamina, army, stream

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