jäähyväiset synonyms and antonyms


English farewell, divorce, part


English parting, goodbye, farewell, word of farewell, adieu, godspeed, leave, leave taking, swan song, toodeloo, toodle pip
Finnish hyvästely, hyvää matkaa, jäähyväiset, hyvästit


English farewell, goodbye, sayonara, toodeloo, adieu, au revoir, cheerio, godspeed, adios, buh bye, bye, catch you later, leaving do
Finnish hyvästit, jäähyväiset

jäähyväiset antonyms

hello, greeting, introduce, wb, what's new, acquaint, bring out, hi, initiate, innovate, insinuate, broach, commence, conduct, induct, insert, present, usher in, inaugurate, precede, bring in, reenact, salutation, cheerio, hey, hiya, how do you do, howdy, hullo, irrigation

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