järjestää pareittain synonyms and antonyms


English pair off, father, brace, breast, couple, geminate, mate, duo, copulate, match, partner off, pear, peer, twosome
Finnish pari, järjestyä pareittain, järjestää pareittain, lyöttäytyä yhteen, muodostaa pareja, muodostaa pari, pariutua

järjestää pareittain antonyms

single, impair, single person, comparison, single ticket, bet, bra, couple, doublet, dyad, equal, fairy, father, gamble, gambling, lukewarm, blunder, cripple, faux pas, blunt, mar, injure, maim, weaken, odd, unmarried, comparability, compare, comparing, equivalence, paddy, peer, peri, priest, ray, rice, two of kind, attached, match, mate, fellow, stake, like, elasmobranchii, skate, crux, bachelorette, bingle, concerted, individual, loverless, matchless, one, quirkyalone, lone, unbroken, exclusive, singles

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