järjetön luontokappale synonyms and antonyms


English animal, animal translations, beastly, god awful, fleshly, beast, dunce, animalistic, creature, brute, animate being, fauna, animalia
Finnish animal, eläin, elollinen olento, elukka, eläimistö, eläinkunta, fauna, järjetön luontokappale, olento, eläimellinen

järjetön luontokappale antonyms

mineral, plant, man, human, person, pet, bird, people, vegetable, inert, tiger, belly of beast, isle of man, animal translations, beast, human being, industrial plant, lupus, motionless, inertial, unreactive, aggregate, cigarette butt, 5, a'man, plant life, vegetal, wow, peasant, crop, insect, fool, polyethylene terephthalate, blind drunk, fart, pop, bed, breast, cap, five, idol, man translations, hypostasis, hand, chap, metropolitan area network

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