järkeily synonyms and antonyms


English reasoning, conclusion, discourse
Finnish järkeily, päättely


English ratiocination, rationalization, abstract thought, logical thinking, rationale, intelligent
Finnish abstraktiivinen ajattelu, järkeily, looginen ajattelu


English ratiocination, conclusion, close, closing, decision, deduction, termination, ending, stopping point, end, finale, finding
Finnish lopetus, päätös, päätösosa, järkeily, loppu, päätelmä, sopimuksen tekeminen


English reasoning, rationalisation, consolidation, systematization
Finnish järkeily, järkiperäistäminen, päättely, rationaalistaminen, rationalisointi


English speculation, conjecture, meditation, guess, surmise, venture
Finnish järkeily, mietiskely, pohdinta, päättely, spekulaatio, arvelu, riskisijoitus

järkeily antonyms

foreword, introduction, initiation, beginning, crescendo, prelude, introduce, swell, creation, forespeech, foretalk, preamble, preface, foundation, founding, hazing, induction, trigger, knowledgeability, innovation, installation, instauration, institution, intrada, preliminary, prolusion, acquaint, bring out, debut, entry, first appearance, initiate, initiative, innovate, insinuate, broach, commence, conduct, induct, insert, present, usher in, inaugurate, precede, bring in, insertion, presentation, launching, origination, reenact, rite of passage, first, initial, commencing, element, head, origin, commencement, dawn, early days, from scratch, get go, incipient, kickoff, unveiling

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