jäte synonyms and antonyms


English discard, garbage, junk, jettison, debris, bin, chuck, chuck away, chuck out, throw away, throw out, trash
Finnish dsonkki, džonkki, jäte, romu, roska


English junk, cast aside, cast away, cast out, chuck out, dismiss, dispose, eliminate, get rid of, throw away, ditch, fling, jettison, put away, throw out, throwing away, toss, toss away, toss out
Finnish hylky, hylkytavara, jäte, heittää menemään, heittää pois, hylkääminen, hylätty tavara, kortin hylkäys, pois heittäminen, viskata menemään


English rubbish, garbage, waste, abdicate, decline, disclaim, dustcart, nix, pass up, discards, trash, say no, deny, reject, defy, resist, spurn, turn down
Finnish jäte, kieltää, hylätä, kieltäytyä, torjua


English refuse, garbage, waste, balls, litter, folderol, scrap, trash
Finnish pahus, jäte, roska, teilata


English rubbish, refuse, junk, waste, garbage, ort, scraps, stuff, trash, food waste, drivel
Finnish jäteastia, roskis, ruoanjätteet, jäte, jätteet, roska


English rubbish, garbage, refuse, waste, permissive waste, lay waste to, waste material, waste matter, waste product, blow, consumption, decay, desolate, destroy, devastation, dissipation, dustcart, emaciate, extravagance, litter, macerate, rot, run off, squander, trashy, use, godforsaken, desert, discards, wasteland, wilderness, thriftlessness, barren, pine away, consume, neutralize, wastefulness
Finnish haaskaaminen, hukata, juosta, jäte, jäteaines, jätemateriaali, jätteet, kuihduttaa, kuona aine, poistaa, riuduttaa, riutua, tuhlaaminen, tuhlaavaisuus, tuhlata, tuhlaus, törsätä, valua, virua

jäte antonyms

preserve, conserve, save, accept, agree, gain, keep, artifact, conservation, gold, treasure, art, recycle, gain ground, make offer, offer, offer up, save up, conserving, useful, artefact, canned, conserves, economise, economize, fine art, gold translations, husband, jam, keep open, keep up, maintain, make use of, use, sacrifice, casualty, victim, want, quality, saw, sava, accede, accident, acquiesce, acquire, advance, approve, arrange, bargain, coincide, concur, consent, fit, harmonize, match, appear, assignment, because, bid, bidding, bring in, bring through, caliber, calibre, carry through, character, clear, come into accord, come to agreement, compound, concord, confiture, consort, distress, earn, except, except for, extend, fit together, for, functioning, amplification, profit, addition, reach, derive, gather, gentry, get ahead, hill, hoarded wealth, hold, in accord, increase, jewel, knowledge, lack, lay aside, lineament, listen, lucre, make, make headway, make unnecessary, preservation, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, continue, preserves, protect, recover

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