jättää huomioon ottamatta synonyms and antonyms


English hemispatial neglect, disregard, disuse, drop, ignore, leave out, miss, carelessness, negligence, fail, omit, overleap, overlook, pretermit, renounce, slight
Finnish sivuuttaa, hylätä, jättää huomioon ottamatta, jättää huomiotta, jättää tekemättä, jättää väliin, käytöstä pois jättäminen, laiminlyödä, laiminlyönti, olla huomaamatta, olla piittaamatta, olla välittämättä

jättää huomioon ottamatta antonyms

consider, regard, notice, care, respect, support, taking care, financial support, give care, consideration, considerateness, circumstance, retainer, accept, acknowledge, affect, attend, attention, compliments, declaration, esteem, judge, knowledge, like, look, abide by, adopt, aid, anchor, attend to, back up, backing, bankroll, bear, bread and butter, buttress, buy in, comfort, bethink, deem, deliberate, take into account, think of, see, think, study, view, count, countenance, deal, deal with, debate, deference, endorsement, endure, espouse, financial backing, funding, help, honor, honour, keep, livelihood, living, look at, mark, mention, message, moot, note, notification, poster, recognize, comment, detect, observance, observation, observe, admiration, gaze, attentiveness, imagine, remark, suppose, value, involve, rule in, take, taking, fetching, pickings, thoughtfulness, turn over, twig, weigh, wish, scrutiny, manhole, eye, spirit

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