jättää synonyms and antonyms

leave behind

English leave, lose
Finnish jättää, olla ottamatta mukaansa


English leave behind, abandon, leave, leave alone, leave of absence, allow, allow for, bequeath, depart, dissociate, go, go away, go forth, go out, holiday, lead, leaf, farewell, forget, exit, entrust, impart, let alone, provide, pull up stakes, relinquish, resign, result, rive, say so, spare time, take off, time off
Finnish vapaa, jättää


English foreswear, abandon, abdicate, assuage, go out, guitguit, discontinue, drop out, depart, leave office, quitted, relinquish, renounce, resign
Finnish jättää, lähteä, poistua


English quit, forgo, relinquish, renounce
Finnish hylätä, jättää, jättää sikseen, luopua


English vacate, quit, drop, leave, abandonment, relinquishment, aband, wantonness, wildness, adjure, cast off, cede, deliver up, demit, desert, evacuate, forego, forsake, forswear, give over, give up, lay down, let go, part with, relinquish, renounce, resign, surrender, waive, yield, abdicate, blin, cast aside, depart, desist, dispense, forgo, forlet, jilt, retire, run out on, withdraw, withsake, desolate, desuetude, ditch, strand, throw over, unconstraint, retirement, withdrawal, cession, desertion, negligence, concession, passing, acquiescence, privacy
Finnish luopuminen, huolettomuus, riehakkuus, alistaa, antaa alttiiksi, estottomuus, hillittömyys, hylätä, jättää, luopua, luovuttaa, pidäkkeettömyys


English abandon, abdicate, empty, give up, invalidate, renounce, resign, withdraw, revoke
Finnish muuttaa pois, erota, jättää, jättää tyhjäksi, luovuttaa, tyhjentää


English abandon, drop, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, bead, bustard, curtain, decrease, dip, discharge, drib, driblet, drip, cliff, devolve, neglect, dribble, fell, shed, sink, flatten, spend, dismiss, dangle, fall, free fall, get rid of, hang, knock off, lose, lower, pearl, put down, renounce, set down, subside, trapdoor, unload
Finnish pisara, tippa

walk out

Finnish häipyä, jättää


English dump, garbage dump, rubbish dump, trash dump, ditch, shit, deck, plunge, dumpsite, jettison, junk, pour out, throw away, underprice, waste yard, wasteyard
Finnish kaatopaikka, dumpata, hylätä, jätealue, jätekasa, jättää, kaataa, kaataa jätteitä, kipata, myydä polkuhintaan, tunkio, varasto, vedos


English file, data file, single file, file away, file cabinet, indian file, computer file, christian, document, charge, filing cabinet, register, tailback, traffic jam
Finnish kansio, jono, viila


English park, mungo park, fleet, common, commons, garden, green, courtyard, ballpark, parking lot, parkland


English land, dry land, edwin herbert land, country, state, countryside, kingdom, earth, bring down, fang, geodesy, ground, farming, nation, domain, estate, bring, down, landlocked


English render off, net, deliver, do, generate, give, give back, reenact, make, picture, translate, try, interpret, hand over, supply, return, spell, stucco, submit, surrender, vomit, yield
Finnish aiheuttaa, tehdä, antaa, antaa takaisin, esittää, julistaa, jättää, luovuttaa, palauttaa, rapata, rappauslaasti, tehdä jstak jtak, tuottaa


English button, discharge, disengage, draw out, free, give up, hang up, let go, outlet, dismissal, liberation, spill, handout, passing, acquittance, secrete, unblock, liberate, publish, let go of, turn, relinquish, rescue, resign, slacken, tone ending, unloose, vent, waiver
Finnish vapauttaminen, vapautus, julkaisu, jättää, laukaisin, lopetus, luopua, luopumiskirja, luovuttaa, luovutus, painike, purkaminen, purkautumistie, päästää irti, vapauttaa, vapautuspäätös

jättää antonyms

shut fuck up, shut up, clam up, lock up, shut one's face, shut one's mouth, shut one's trap, close up, adopt, maintain, rescue, redeem, acquire, gain, contain, hold, retain, join, unite, apply, close down, hush down, pent, close off, end, get out, hush, lock, quiet, zip it, lock in, zip one's lip, adoption, conservation, thunder, shut hell up, shut your bloody mooth up, shut your fucking mooth up, shut oneself up, gain ground, join together, arrogate, ascribe, assume, commandeer, usurp, claim, assign, hold up, seize, take hold, embrace, engage, affiliation, absorb, accept, acceptance, acceptation, accomplish, achieve, attain, earn, gather, get, have, obtain, procure, realize, secure, win, grow, develop, learn, affiliate, appropriate, approve, avow, espouse, father, foster, dramatize, borrowing, affect, use, put on, give, enforce, practice, lend oneself, book, boom, borrow, bosom, brook, care for, carry, coalesce, combine, comprehend, comprise, control, enclose, check, incorporate, continue, convene, cover, deal with, defend, deliver, deliverance, delivery, detain, hug, fall on someone's neck

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