jättöpaikka synonyms and antonyms


English drop, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, abandon, bead, bustard, curtain, decrease, dip, discharge, drib, driblet, drip, cliff, devolve, neglect, dribble, fell, shed, sink, flatten, spend, dismiss, dangle, fall, free fall, get rid of, hang, knock off, lose, lower, pearl, put down, renounce, set down, subside, trapdoor, unload, dropped goal, field goal, liquorice
Finnish pisara, tippa, helmi, hävitä, jättää, jättää pois, jättää sikseen, jättöpaikka, keruupaikka, laskea, lasku, lopettaa, mainita ohimennen, piilo, pudota, pudottaa, pudotus, purkaa, siirtyä, synnyttää, tilkka, toimittaa, vapaa pudotus, viedä

jättöpaikka antonyms

go up, rise, pickup, hold on, go on, hang on, burn up, foul up, get up, pick up, catch, gather up, lift up, perk up, hang onto, hold, pick, picking, lift, carry, grip, flood, go, hold onto, pick me up, break up, go hard or go home, put up or shut up, abide, hold it, hold line, belock, cool one's heels, keep, keep faith, persevere, grasp, just minute, just second, arise, climb, come up, go backward, back up, go bankrupt, go belly up, advance, increase, burn down, approach, ascend, stop, accelerate, lay hold of, elate, answer, turn around, learn, peck, collar, collect, pick up phone, pick phone up, pickup truck, receive, speed up, pick up speed, cartridge, picking up, holding company, bow grip, noah and flood, flood tide, flood lamp, face lift, aerodynamic lift, getaway, hold up, pick out, pour down, pour, pour out, take hold, sky, influenza, adhesive friction, flu, go out, go away, go game, griffin, clasp, bag, bobby pin, handle, aid, hang out, grapple, fascinate, gripe, hairgrip, holding, owndom, possession, property, retention, phono cartridge, leftover, tone arm

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