jättimäinen synonyms and antonyms


English gigantic, thumping, walloping, whopping, banging, enormous, gargantuan, huge, immense, massive
Finnish huikea, silmitön, suunnaton, valtava, jättimäinen


English humongous, great, gigantic, monster, prodigious, enormous, gargantuan, gigantesque, huge, immense, mammoth
Finnish jättiläismäinen, mammuttimainen, jättimäinen


English gigantic, great, all that and bag of chips, beautiful, deep, extreme, gear, grand, huge, vast, bang up, majuscule, outstanding, with child, high, noble, thick, wonderful
Finnish jättimäinen, mahtava, valtava, iso, suunnaton, suuri, suuruus


English leviathan, mammoth
Finnish leviathan, jättiläismäinen, jättimäinen, suunnaton, valtava, hirviö, merihirviö


English elephantine, elephantic, gargantuan, giant, jumbo
Finnish elefantine, jumbo, jättiläismäinen, jättimäinen, norsumainen

jättimäinen antonyms

awful, diminutive, tiny, terrible, bad, little, small, mediocre, horrible, hermosillo, dwarf, second rater, average, fair, little bit, tremendous, vest pocket, frightening, gruesome, horrifying, nauseating, unspeakable, chilling, abysmal, agonizing, appalling, awed, awe inspiring, nasty, frightfully, lilliputian, midget, nomen deminutivum, pet form, dinky, dreadful, eerie, frightful, gnarly, heinous, hellish, hideous, homicidal, horrendous, horrid, lousy, common, commonplace, ordinary, second rate, middling, miniscule, minuscule, nondescript, okayish, slight, uninspiring, severe, vicious, wicked, excruciating, insufferable, dismaying, mournful, bath

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