jäykkä synonyms and antonyms


English ungainly, gauche
Finnish jäykkä, kömpelö


English gawky, clumsy, clunky, bunglesome, unwieldy
Finnish jäykkä, kankea, kömpelö, köpö, taipumaton


English unbending, fixed, stiff, rigid, close minded, draconian, inflexible, strict
Finnish jäykkä, kankea


English rigid, inflexible
Finnish joustamaton, jäykkä, tiukka


English rigid, entrenched, stable, frozen, fixt, immobile, set, stationary, still
Finnish kiinteä, jähmettynyt, jäykkä, kiinnitetty, liikkumaton


English rigid, canned, inflexible, blind drunk, buckram, potent, unfaltering, cadaver, stiffly, unflinching
Finnish jäykkä, jokamies, jäykkänä, mies, voimakas


Finnish jäykkä, kova, taipumaton

jäykkä antonyms

bendable, flexible, compromising, moving, mobile, animate, pliable, pliant, resilient, waxy, gainly, conciliatory, mobile phone, mobile river, pay, pay up, pay off, active, alive, sentient, animize, enliven, inspire, being, buoy, c'mon, invigorate, quicken, reanimate, recreate, renovate, repair, revive, revivify, stimulate, urge, vivify, bendy, broad minded, cell phone, cellphone, cellular telephone, ductile, bendsome, inconstant, manageable, obsequious, supple, tractable, wavering, whippy, flexile, fluid, limber as dishrag, limp, lissome, withy, stretchable, accommodating, unfastidious, tendon, motive, action, ante up, compensate, compensation, fee, he, make up, nomadic, motile, movable, piece of furniture, relocatable, motif, furniture, flying squad, numerator, wage, give, yield, pie, portion, remuneration, she, straw

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