jäykkis synonyms and antonyms

fuddy duddy

Finnish jäykkis, kalkkis, vanha fossiili


English traditionalist, conservative, diehard, social conservative, hidebound, traditionalistic
Finnish traditionalistinen, jäykkis, konservatiivi, traditionalisti


English square, roof square, steel square, public square, square meal, square toes, square up, balance, bourgeois, cigarette, foursquare, just, lame, place, plaza, right angle, second power, above board, orthogonal, satisfying, straight, straightforward, hash, piazza, tetragon, squarely, feather, straight ahead
Finnish square, neliö, jäykkis, kalkkis, kertoa, kohentaa ryhtiään, konservatiivi, nelikulmainen, nelikulmio, neliöidä, neliömitta, neliömäinen, selvittää tilit, sopia, sovittaa, suoristaa, suoristautua, tollo

jäykkis antonyms

circle, round, reformer, ball, ring, social reformer, anchor ring, traffic circle, daily round, dress circle, crooked, musket ball, lucille ball, crusader, ring road, round of golf, round off, round of drinks, round out, venal, boxing ring, bent, corrupt, asymmetrical, round shouldered, meliorist, reformist, remaker, rationalize, reform, reorganize, head, adherents, annulus, band, belt, chamfer, arc, bunch, coil, disc, orbit, lap, set, encircle, circular, cirque, clank, doughnut, even, fill out, flesh out, go around, go round, halo, hoop, knell, kroužek, labialise, labialize, ballet, dancing, dance, testicle, chutzpah, globe, sphere

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