jogar água benta synonyms and antonyms


English water, water system, body of water, water down, burn, dihydrogen monoxide, flush toilet, h2o, hydric acid, hydrogen hydroxide, hydrogen oxide, hydroxic acid, hydroxilic acid, hydroxyl acid, hydroxylic acid, irrigate, oxidane, runnel, toilet bowl, μ oxido dihydrogen, urine
Portuguese agua, dar, irrigar, jogar água benta, molhar, água, água substância

jogar água benta antonyms

sea, earth, burn, fire, ground, land, food, bread, rock, ice, steam, sand, flow, soap, milk, sky, wave, air, oil, milk river, refine, rock music, rock n roll, burn off, burn down, burn mark, dry land, middle earth, mother earth, earth up, flow rate, food for thought, ice rink, kallang wave, edwin herbert land, mexican wave, rate of flow, soft soap, soap opera, solid food, steam up, steam clean, water ice, wave about, air travel, air out, easy lay, set on fire, open fire, fire off, fog, georgia home boy, goop, grievous bodily harm, liquid ecstasy, oil painting, vegetable oil, oil color, oil colour, rectify, complicate, polish, rock candy, john rock, rock and roll, country, state, countryside, kingdom, dune, cloud, stream

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