jovem synonyms and antonyms


English child, youngster, lad, stripling


English youngster, youthful, child, young
Portuguese moço, novo


English young, dewy, vernal, lively, sprightly, spry
Portuguese jovem, juvenil


English youngster, child, baby, bairn, binary clone, chap, descendant, offspring, product, fry, kid, minor, nestling, nipper, shaver, small fry, tiddler, tike, tyke
Portuguese jovem, criança, filha, filho, frite, menino


English youthful, brigham young, danton true young, edward young, lester willis young, loretta young, thomas young, whitney moore young jr, immature, juvenile, nascent, new, offspring, inexperienced, recent, underdeveloped, untested, youth
Portuguese jovem, cria, juventude, prole

jovem antonyms

adult, grown up, unyoung, aged, oldster, old, ancient, adopt, father, grownup, parent, mother, senior, mature, age, full grown, of age, senior citizen, grown, fully grown, elderly, golden ager, old man, old age, antiquarian, antique, father of church, father god, mage, old person, old timer, sorcerer, stale, warlock, wizard, ace, enchanter, enchantress, sorceress, patriarch, superannuated, antigo, kin, kinsman, relative, accept, affiliate, appropriate, approve, assume, avow, espouse, foster, maintain, dramatize, big, blue, pornographic, adultish, affect, matured, year old, cured, ripened, ascendant, borrow, carry, follow, grow, maturate, fledged, ripe, suppurate, ripen, senesce, mister, older adult, perfect, fourth year, elder, take in, take over, take up, twelfth grade, dated, departed, erstwhile, olden

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