klad synonyms and antonyms


English clade, pro, class
Czech pro, pozitivum, přednost


English pro, meadow, on behalf of, pressure retarded osmosis, advantage, professional, proline, for, per, an, because, because of, cheers, due to, great, in front of, instead of
Malay pro, engineer
Czech klad, pro


English class, social class, socio economic class, category, course, classify, distribute, division, family, form, genre, grade, head, order, polish, stratum, year
Malay kelas, berkelas, bilik darjah, golongan, kategori, kelas sosial, kelompok, keluarga, lapisan, pembahagian, sedarjah, sekelas, tahun, umur

klad antonyms

pros and cons, fors and againsts, advantages, con, redneck, student, amateur, anti, lady, low brow, shower, beginner, cracker, debutant, downpour, drawback, versus, with, recess, brow, against, counter, break, eyebrow, forehead, hilltop, bugarija, kontra, contra, corner, cove, fod, interval, low, low lying, low pitched, low toned, sir david alexander cecil low, newbie, novice, peckerwood, bogan, shitkicker, founder, novitiate, amateurish, recreational, dabbler, dilettante, avocational, enthusiast, niche, nonprofessional, playtime, prosumer, respite, inlet, deferral, adjourn, recession, weekend warrior, connoisseur, lover, maven, learner, collegian, noblewoman, cone, alumnus, an, and, andean, angle, bas relief, butty, child, convict, disadvantage, scam, bunco, be sold pup, swindle, memorize, victimize, cunt, deep, depression, disciple, donna, douchebag, educatee, execrable, flimflam, fuckwit, get, how much, ignoble, goddess

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