klen synonyms and antonyms


English acer campestre, sycamore maple, european chub, faint, feeble, chub
Swedish sjuklig, svag

acer campestre

English acer campestre, hedge maple

sycamore maple

Czech klen, javor klen

european chub

English european chub, chub
sh klen, klijen


English european chub, leuciscus cephalus


English feeble, faint, faint hearted, conk, deliquium, light headed, shadowy, pass out, queal, sweb, swoon, how many, how much, languid, syncope, wan, weak, weedy, wilt
sh the faint, onesvestiti, onesvijestiti
Slovenian omedleti, omedlevati, onesvestiti se
Swedish klen, the faint, kraftlös, svag, vek, svimma


English faint, weak, weedy, anemic, debilitated, declining, dim, drooping, enervated, force, frail, imperfect, indistinct, infirm, intensity, languishing, sickly, vigor, vividness, without, decrepit, nerveless, impotent, lame, little
Swedish klen, kraftlös, svag, vek

klen antonyms

bull, stalwart, stark, bull's eye, bull through, papal bull, bold, firm, hardy, stouthearted, loyalist, stout, powerful, strong, banging, blunt, cow, crude, austere, desolate, unadulterated, strongly, bruiser, beefy, male, stupid, cop, guy, bullshit, taurus, copper, fuzz, half crown, hot water bottle, nonsense, pig, pshaw, samson, strapper, waffle

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