klid synonyms and antonyms


English composure, peacefulness, stillness, tranquility, coolness, equanimity, peace of mind
Czech klid, pokoj
Danish ro, stilhed


English calmness, bran
Czech rozvážnost, ticho, mír, oddech, pokoj, svátek


English bran, corvus, brane, crow, dandruff, raven

klid antonyms

fear, anxiousness, march, anxiety, disquiet, motion, movement, traffic, disturbance, commotion, disruption, annoyance, confusion, convulsion, derangement, discomposure, disorder, distraction, excitement, fracas, hindrance, hubbub, molestation, perturbation, riot, rising, ruction, turmoil, unsettlement, uproar, affray, noise, mental disorder, do, flutter, hoo ha, hoo hah, hurly burly, kerfuffle, trouble, upset, awe, dismay, dread, concern, afraid, revere, reverence, fearfulness, feather, ferry, fourth, fright, horror, husband, one, unease, veneration, uncertainty, awkwardness, insecurity, man

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