kmen synonyms and antonyms


English tree trunk, phylum, tribe, log, trunk
Czech peň, rod


English tree trunk, trunk, bole, boot, chest, coffer, drink, torso, proboscis, suitcase


English phylum, division, superstock, language family


English tribe, federation of tribes, folk, nation, order, kinfolk, kin
Czech kmen, rod


English log, den, fossa, history, journal, logarithm, logist, lumber, place, record, swiss roll, unwieldy
Czech kmen, log, rychloměr, kláda

kmen antonyms

hood, branch, stick, organization, mount hood, hockey stick, let loose, loose, loose limbed, on loose, hood river, exhaust hood, lens hood, control stick, free, idle, inexact, lax, libertine, baggy, indiscreet, polygamous, separate, informal, liberal, promiscuous, unaffixed, fire, let go, loosen, unleash, arm, bifurcate, bonnet, affluent, article, bough, limb, member, part, ramification, section, shoot, sprig, subdivision, tributary, twig, outgrowth, ramify, cap, cowl, cowling, ends, fork, furcate, goon, head, head translations, ability, ia, ibility, icity, itas, itia, itude, ity, ness, ose, osity, ous, ship, th, ghetto, nabe, hoodlum, leg, open, punk, slack, slacken, soft top, strong armer, thug, tight, tough, toughie, trifurcation, unpackaged, chip, adhere, cigarette, deposit, dullard, go away, joystick, lodge, pole, push along, rod, stab, staff, sticky

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