kmet synonyms and antonyms


English farmer, serf, pawn, peasant


English farmer, fannie merritt farmer, james leonard farmer, agriculturist, granger, grower, husbandman, sodbuster
Slovenian kmet, kmetica
sh poljoprivrednik, zemljodelac, zemljoradnik


English peasant, serf, serfdom, bond, bondman, helot, slave, villain, villein
sh kmet, kmetica


English queen's rook's pawn, borrow money on, fence, hock, instrument, soak
sh pešak, pion, pješak


English serf, peasant, barbarian, boor, bucolic, churl, countryman, goth, ignoble, peon, rustic, provincial, tike, tyke, villain
Slovenian kmet, kmetica
sh kmet, seljak, seljanka

kmet antonyms

city boy, city slicker, freeman, royalty, lord, industrial, franc, noble, queen, royal, king, city dweller, city, man, industrial music, god save queen, french franc, royalties, riley b king, martin luther king jr, city of london, city center, city centre, inner city, business concern, business, business organisation, business organization, business sector, city of london corporation, imperiality, billie jean moffitt king, kingship, queen consort, queen regnant, queen mole rat, royal stag, stage business, mayor and commonalty and citizens of city of london, royal family, royal house, royal line, sovereignty, nobleman, industrialist, outspoken, point blank, manufacturer, baronial, upstanding, noblewoman, baking powder, female monarch, franconian, frank, frankish, high, homosexual, honorable, kingly, lofty, lordly, downtown, commercial enterprise, occupation, clientele, byplay, central business district, square mile

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