kniha synonyms and antonyms


English manyplies, psalterium


English omasum, book


English book, rule book, belt, tome, bible, koran, record, script, ledger, bespeak, burst, engage, learn, penalise, penalize, punish, study, reserve, have one's name taken, volume, portfolio
Czech kniha, rezervovat si, rezervovat
Slovak kniha, rezervovať

kniha antonyms

page, magazine, cover, library, cover version, depository library, magazine publisher, powder magazine, leaflet, program library, subroutine library, book cover, cover charge, cover band, cover song, cover up, page boy, sir frederick handley page, thomas nelson page, booklet, folder, leafling, cusp, talk radio, bookhouse, cartridge, department store, mag, periodical, cartridge holder, bellboy, bellhop, bellman, groom, knave, powder store, prebound, revue

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