kohout synonyms and antonyms


English cock, rooster, brawler, grate, grill, cock of walk, roster, timetable, violet


English rooster, tap, cock


English tap, tap out, tap dance, loss, cap, plug, runt, dab, faucet, knock, pat, pink, rap, spigot, handle, spout, wiretap, water faucet, eavesdrop, bang, hit, solicit, exploit, tapdance, think aloud protocol, tip
Czech kohout, kohoutek


English rooster, chanticleer, cockbird, stopcock, hammer, swagger, dick, john thomas, pecker, penis, prick, putz, shaft, shuttle, tool

kohout antonyms

chicken, pat, chick, chick blinds, hen, stalemate, bed, feather, spring chicken, butt, four, moll, biddy, bird, fledgling, dame, gal, glib, chuck, dab, rap, toothpaste, deadlock, chickenhearted, twink, wimp, coward, gallus gallus, junglefowl, poulet, uncourageous, volaille

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