koláč synonyms and antonyms


English cake, piece of cake, pound cake, bar, briquette, block, gâteau, patty, crust, coat, fruitcake, früchtebrot, quick bread, crackpot
Slovak koláč, torta


English foot, at, down payment, magpie, pi, proto indo european, piebald, piously, pizza, rootstock, animal foot, trotter, base, foundation, cue, metrical foot, pious, reverent, dappled, multi coloured, pica, man, stone, crust, tartar, chatterer
Slovak koláč, piroh
Czech koláč, straka

koláč antonyms

ice cream, iced cream, ice cream cone, cookie, nice, cream, ice, bread, sour, cone, icecream, http cookie, magic cookie, grow sour, impi, impious, unholy, water ice, ungodly, irreligious, ice rink, nike, so many, cooky, accurate, acerbate, acetify, acid, acidify, acidulate, amiable, bikkie, biscuit, cross, cucoloris, deteriorating, dinky, enjoyable, entertaining, ferment, fermented, goodly, grum, how, kindly, likable, likeable, dough

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