kolem synonyms and antonyms


English around, ament, apropos, bout, concerning, near, near to, not far from, relative to, respecting, touching, with reference to, with regard to, with respect to, almost, approximately, nearly, well nigh, virtually, after, as for, as to, astir, contiguously, fixing, ish, odd, on, re, regarding, wrt, butt, cotter pin, peg
Czech kolem, okolo


English about, around
Czech asi, cirka, dokola, mimo, okolo, podle, podél, přibližně, vůkol, zhruba


English about, approximately, in front of, round
Czech kolem, okolo

kolem antonyms

here, surprise, direct, precisely, within, accurately, exactly, inside, interiorly, internally, inwardly, just, middle voice, middle, astonish, astonishment, incisively, on nose, primly, properly, father, dad, far, lighthouse, headlamp, beacon, between, atween, atwix, betwixt, clear cut, conduct, lineal, unmediated, verbatim, directly, calculate, mastermind, address, aim, target, lead, send, steer, immediate, immediately, interval, october, surprisal, bombshell, more than one bargained for, stunner, unexpected, overtake, storm, surprised, take unawares, testicle, tween, twixt, clover, headlight, army, danger, drone, emmer, extreme, eye shadow

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