konat synonyms and antonyms

take place

English occur, come to pass, happen
Czech konat, konat se


English take place, do
Czech dělat, jednat, pořádat, provádět, činit, odehrát, vést


English do, bathroom, from scratch, antenna, accomplish, act, come, dee, bustle, get together, ut, doctor of osteopathy, bash, disturbance, achieve, chouse, complete, conclude, conduct, cook, cozen, effect, execute, finish, observe, perform, practice, prepare, serve, settle, suffice, swindle, terminate, transact, translate, dress, cause, make, doh, don’t, fare, get along, give, hullabaloo, into, make out, manage, pigeon, rook, there, though, thu, till, two, until, want, your, c
Czech konat, do, alou, až, dělat

konat antonyms

don't, act, work, inaction, don quixote, don’t, possible, leave, help, leave undone, so, comprehend, tooth, take, understand, act as, act on impulse, do work, help oneself, household help, inactiveness, inactivity, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, stagnation, leave nothing undone, leave something undone, repeat, observe, about, from, of, aude, ode, fire, potential, probable, act on, act upon, and or, as of, behold, bliss, call attention to, celebrate, each other, echo, feasible, ingeminate, iterate, keep, listen, look, maintain, detect, discover, notice, perceive, remark, note, respect, watch, od, oculus dexter, doctor of optometry, off, or, overdrive, piece of work, put to work, regard, so that, and so, twig, work on, your, danso, husband, salt, abandon, actuality, bill, decree, deed, edict, enactment, fact, feat, law, number, ordinance, pretense, proceeding, reality, statute

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