koncern synonyms and antonyms


English concern, conglomerate, corporation


English concern, affect, care, interest, business, refer, concernment, fear, headache, occupy, part, thing, unease, vexation, worry
sh koncern, briga
Danish koncern, bekymring, deltagelse, interesse, medfølelse, medvirken


English conglomerate, pudding stone, accumulate, conglomeration, empire
Danish koncern, konglomerat


English corporation, company, corp, firm, pot, trade union, club, guild
Polish korporacja, osoba prawna, spółka, stowarzyszenie
Swedish koncern, korporation, aktiebolag
Danish entreprise, forening, lav, organisation

koncern antonyms

sole, sole proprietorship, proprietorship, common sole, fillet of sole, indifference, carelessness, caring, thoughtless, uncaring, unaffectionate, unfeeling, unthinking, carefree, proprietary, ownership, sensitive, inattention, negligence, lovingness, nonchalant, off handedness, playsome, uncaringness, unworried, salt, apathy, happy go lucky, careless, devil may care, nonchalance, emotionlessness, indifferentness, neglect, remissness, sloppiness, brine, sol, alone, only, pelma, resole, exclusive, solitary, planta, soleid, solely, sun, tan, south, fair weather, sunlight

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