konečný synonyms and antonyms


English final, big final, final examination, concluding, closing, end, ending, completion, extreme, dernier, finale, finish, hindmost, inappellable, last, net, series finale, ultimate, conclusion, fag end, stopping point


English limited, ramsey's theorem, terminating

konečný antonyms

timeless, eternal, endless, unlimited, infinite, everlasting, infinity, initial, first, midterm, midterm examination, everlasting flower, atemporal, incipient, ageless, dateless, emerging, infinitival, nascent, early, early on, illimitable, limitless, perpetual, unadulterated, sempiternal, first base, first gear, first of all, first class honours degree, first off, first up, immortal, neverending, unending, beginning, coterminal, drop cap, interminable, endlessness, amaranthine, boundless, countless, immeasurable, inestimable, unbounded, vast, multitudinous, space, eternity, opening, lemniscate, non finite, nonfinite, original, ramsey's theorem, unconfined, absolute, inexhaustible, straight out, former, prematurely, ahead of time, betimes, in time, untimely

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