konec synonyms and antonyms


English appendage, tip, member
Czech konec, kraj, okraj


English extremity, finish, end
Czech dost, ukončení, závěr, víkend


English end, finish, finish up, finish off, come to end, complete, destination, do, finalize, coating, ending, polish, stopping point, eat up, finishing, goal
Czech konec, končit, skončit


English finish, end, come to end, ing, aim, and, apex, cease, close, conclude, death, destruction, do, conclusion, goal, purpose, termination, ending, last, newline, oddment, point, remainder, remnant, shut up, stop, sunset, terminal, terminate, than, india

konec antonyms

beginning, start, initiate, originate, begin, inception, ect, er, home, incomplete abortion, incomplete, electroconvulsive therapy, origin, outset, menachem begin, head start, ecthr, arise, be born, develop, enlightened, grow, home base, home page, home plate, induct, novice, introduce, lead up, broach, install, invent, learned person, nursing home, rest home, start off, start out, start up, uncomplete, unfinished, unwhole, erbium, aire, river aire, eure, lake eyre, uncompleted, pioneer, pundit, rise, savant, spring up, uprise

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