labareda synonyms and antonyms


English fire, blaze, blaze away, blaze out, hell, glare, blazing, blissfully, burn, burst


English blaze, fire
Portuguese chama, paixão


English blaze, fire, set on fire, open fire, fire off, four, attack, blast, burn, can, discharge, dismiss, displace, expel, conflagration, inferno, ardor, lay off, sack, shoot, dehire, let off, flame up, ignite, arouse, fuel, firing, flack, flak, flame, flaming, force out, give axe, give elbow, give notice, give sack, go off, inflame, loose, make redundant, retrench, send away, set alight, shitcan, stir up, temper, terminate, wide
Portuguese labareda, assar, chama, chaminé, destituir, flama, fogo, incêndio, tiro

labareda antonyms

hire, take on, employ, draw bead on, take bead on, wood, ashes, assume, do number on, take its toll, fasten on, take up, flash on, take fire, hook on, latch on, wind, water, wet, seize on, meet, accept, undertake, air, ice, attack, take pity on, take action on, take it out on, water ice, cold, air travel, air out, common cold, ice rink, occupy, use, utilise, wind instrument, wind up, wood lot, ellen price wood, grant wood, natalie wood, sir henry joseph wood, smoke, statute, employment, engage, engagement, rent, lease, make use, make use of, rental, water system, body of water, water down

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