laca synonyms and antonyms


English hair spray, lacquer, lac, exhausted, tired, lake
Portuguese verniz, lacre


Spanish laca, barniz
Portuguese laca, lacas, verniz, laquê


English lacquer, lake, lac, caddie, line of actual control, milk, paint, loch, mere, tarn
Spanish laca, lago
Portuguese laca, lago
Galician laca, lago


English tired, knackered, overtired, played out, jaded, languid, spent, weak
Spanish agotado, exhausto
Portuguese esgotado, exausto, sofrido, exaurido
Galician esgotado, exhausto, gastado


English exhausted, be tired of, sleepy, knackered, threadbare, worn out
Catalan cansada, cansat
Spanish cansado, fatigado
Portuguese cansada, cansado, fatigado


English lake, burbot, brine, lackey, loch
Catalan laca, llac
Spanish laca, lake, lago
Portuguese laca, lake, lago, lagos
Galician laca, lago

laca antonyms

ocean, sea, energy, rest, river, eternal rest, department of energy, free energy, leftovers, remainder, remains, residue, representational state transfer, remnant, action, breath, breathe, buttress, catch one's breath, cradle, ease, pep, erect, eternal sleep, foam, get up and go, go, iron, magic point, arrive, muscularity, ogin, push, quietus, relax, relaxation, remain, remaining, repose, reside, break, peace, sleep, lave, respite, be, breather, lay, lean, relieve, stay, perch, pillow, lie, scrap, stay over, surplus, take breather, vigor, vigour, vim, vitality, zip

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