lack synonyms and antonyms


English inexistence, lack, want, absence, absence of mind, non attendance, petit mal epilepsy, petit mal, epilepsia minor
German absenz, geistesabwesenheit, abwesenheit, fehlen, nichtvorhandensein
Swedish bortavaro, frånvaro, bortovaro, själsfrånvaro


English absence, lack, unexistence, nonexistence, inherence


English inexistence, lacquer, varnish, dearth, scarcity, shortage, absence, deficiency, feeble, lac, miss, paint, want, need
German want, lack, fehlen, firnis, gebrechen, mangel, zuwenig
Swedish lack, avsaknad, brist


English lacquer, varnish, seal
German lack, firnis, firnissen, glasur, lackieren
Swedish lack, fernissa


English lacquer, paint, lac, lake, caddie, line of actual control, milk, loch, mere, tarn
German lack, milch, see
Swedish insjö, sjö


English dearth, deficiency, lack, shortage, want, inadequacy, insufficiency, scarceness, infrequency, penury, rareness, rarity
German verknappung, knappheit, mangel


English scarcity, shortage, lack, want, famine, paucity
German hungersnot, mangel, zuwenig


English scarcity, want, lack, deletion, deletion mutation, gene deletion, inadequacy, incompleteness, insufficiency, shortcoming, drawback
German defekt, defizit, missstand


English dearth, lack, scarcity, deficit
German verknappung, zuwenig, knappheit, mangel


English deficiency, lack, scarcity, dearth, need, because, distress, for, mitten, require, desire, poverty, wish, privation, ask, call for, crave, demand, deserve, have to, inclined, keen, look for, must, ought, search, set one's heart on, should, without, would like, wind
German absence, lack, miss, mangel, wünschen, hunt, like, lust, wollen


English faint, anemic, debilitated, declining, dim, drooping, enervated, force, frail, imperfect, indistinct, infirm, intensity, languishing, sickly, vigor, vividness, weak, without, decrepit, nerveless, impotent, lame, little, weedy
German lack, kraftlos, schwach
Swedish klen, kraftlös, svag, vek


English lack, want, miss, bom, escape, leave out, lose, misfire, mississippi, girl, neglect, mistake
German miss, miss a, auslassen, entbehren, fehl, fehlen, fehlschuss, fräulein, patzer, verfehlen, vermissen, verpassen, versäumen
Swedish miss, miss a, bom, misstag, fröken, bomma, missa


English paint, face card, ink, rouge, key, color, colour, pigment
German lack, anstrichmittel, bemalen, lackieren, malen, streichen, farbe
Swedish målarfärg, färg


English lack, want, need, in need of, commitment, crave, demand, necessity, motivation, indigence, be, desire, necessitate, needn’t, requisite, these
German bedarf, bedürfen, bedürfnis, benötigen, brauchen, erfordernis, not, notwendigkeit
Swedish behov, behöva

lack antonyms

copiousness, abundance, plethora, glut, excess, sufficiency, enough, hit, existence, possession, position, bull, have, mountain, plenty, stalwart, adequacy, bull's eye, bull through, papal bull, presence, embers, glow, exuberance, ahead, booger, choice, debauch, deductible, ember, supererogatory, overindulgence, surfeit, excessiveness, extravagance, front, gorge, flood, goo, have got, in front of, inordinateness, myriad, obstruct, oversupply, over, overplus, military position, richness, bold, firm, hardy, stouthearted, loyalist, stout, sufficience, enoughness, teemingness, before, earlier, status, attitude, belonging, berth, billet, breath, bruiser, beefy, male, stupid, cop, guy

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