lacking synonyms and antonyms


English deficient, lacking, bad, in short supply, thin on ground


English wanting, lacking, deficient, thin on ground, insufficient, bad, substandard, in short supply, lean


English deficient, wanting, absent, missing, without, short


English lacking, absent, absinthe, remove, absentee, absentminded, absence, abstracted


English lacking, feeble, nameless, out of, right away, sans, straight away, want


English lacking, short, short pants, short circuit, short film, short selling, short subject, short change, fortune, briefie, brittle, dwarf, little, low, flat, abbreviation, brief, brusque, inadequate, light, unforesightful, unretentive, shorting, shortstop, abruptly, curtly, unawares, succinct, shorts

lacking antonyms

present, high, tall, along, career, have, long, long integer, australian snubfin dolphin, lecture, accommodating, advertent, argus eyed, attentive, complaisant, considerate, thoughtful, upon one's guard, careful, present tense, vigilant, watchful, enough, excessive, within, as long as, calling, gift, have got, high pitched, high toned, in high spirits, high gear, senior high school, high up, inside, interiorly, internally, inwardly, life history, long time, orgulous, superfluous, length, number, numeral, figure, mock, scots pine, fur, cut, vermillion rockfish, knife edge, dent, haircut, deletion, piece, chap, slit, alongside, alongst, endlong, forward, onward, together, devilish, adequate, enow, sufficient, extravagant, inordinate, excessively, extreme, heavy handed, lamb, distance, duration, on, pine, plenty, rate, simple present, stable, sufficiency, magniloquent, marvellous, there, vocation

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