lady synonyms and antonyms


English noblewoman, donna, goddess, dame, woman, lady
German dame, lady, frau, herrin
French dame, lady, madame, demoiselle, milady
Swedish lady, fru
Portuguese dama, mulher, senhora, ama
Finnish emäntä, rouva, nainen


English lady, peeress
German edelfrau, adlige
French dame, lady, noble, madame
Swedish adelsdam, adelsfru, adelskvinna
Finnish lady, aatelisnainen, pääritär


English lady, woman, noblewoman, dame, draughts, damme, checkers, bird, chick, doll, fallow deer, gentlewoman, ma am, madam, skirt, wench, dam, queen, tabby, peg, rammer, ladyship, world beater
German lady, dame, damenspiel, damespiel, königin, ober, tante, frau, frieden, ische, matrone, matte, prostituierte, schickse
French dame, belle dame, dames, belladone, dam, certes, mon dieu, pardi, seigneur, demoiselle, hie, pilon, reine, barrage, digue, retenue, femelle, fille, gonzesse, jeune fille, jupe, madame, minette, nana, oiseau, poupée, poussin, épouse
Portuguese brasa, cafetina, dama, garota, menina, moça, mulher, rapariga, senhora
Finnish rouva, daami, hieno nainen, kiltsi, kimma, likka, neitonen, tipu, typykkä, yläluokkainen nainen


English lady, woman, adult female, birther, carline, cowgirl, female, womanhood, charwoman
German frau, weib
Finnish nainen, aikuinen nainen


English lady, woman, donna, girlfriend, wife, smasher, queen, maid
German frau, matte, prostituierte, schickse, regina
Finnish rouva, ylhäisönainen


English lady, goddess, mother
German göttin, gott
Portuguese deus, deusa

lady antonyms

low class, lower class, tramp, girl, girlish, jeune fille, lass, little girl, maid, maiden, fellow, guy, wench, young lady, female child, girlfriend, gent, gentleman, men, lord, class, man, impoverished, underclass, drag, slut, tramp steamer, gentlemen, female person, female, guy rope, guy cable, guy wire, lower, lower berth, isle of man, horus, wanderer, her, multitude, people, ghent, a'man, amiable, bum, considerate, derelict, down and out, down and outer, for fuck's sake, fuck me, gand, gander, chap, genteel, harlot, hike, hobo, hooker, social class, socio economic class, trollop, slag, whore, adulteress, slattern, vixen, nobleman, main, colleague, gentle, maine, fro, abate, army, baobab, bird, bloke, bozo, bring down, bull, buster, but, cat, challenge, command, compatriot, cove, decrease, demean, depress, dude, each, easy, every, fella, co, even, friend, human being, boyfriend, companion, geezer, friendly, aristocratical, docile, pacify, ennoble, valet, get down, god son, bruce, feller, guyline, homey, jeer, make fun, ridicule, hair

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